Commercial for Volvo

Grey London – Life is in the Details – Volvo V40 R-Design

Grey London teams with Swedish conductor Marie Rosenmir & directors Leila and Damien de Blinkk to promote the V40

In a filmic portrait, Marie Rosenmir ponders her preoccupation with detail and its importance to the overall narrative, her sentiments echoing the design philosophy of the V40.

Shot by British photographic / filmmaking collective Leila and Damien de Blinkk, it draws parallels with the fine craftsmanship of the V40 and the fine details of a symphony orchestra. In the build up to an opening night performance, the film shows Marie’s final preparations and meticulous consideration to the minute of the performance. Intercut with these observational shots are extreme close up shots of the V40’s numerous design details, such as the stitching on the leather upholstery, the illuminated gear shift, 17″ Ixion Alloy Wheels and auto-folding power door mirrors.

Andy Lockley, creative director, Grey London said: “It’s the combination of many different factors – some of which you are conscious of, but many of which you aren’t – which make driving a car unique or pleasurable. The V40 boasts lots of lovely, intricate design details, which in isolation may not seem particularly significant but when combined create an incredibly satisfying overall experience. We likened this to a really moving piece of music performed by an orchestra – each small component playing an important part in the overall piece. In this respect, the role of a conductor and of an automotive designer aren’t that different”

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